Get camping

Not only are camping trips always an adventure, but they are also a great way to slow things down and take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern living.

Get camping is a section designed to help people get out into the great outdoors, to have an adventure and experience the unique sensation of sleeping under the stars.


Getting started

There is plenty of information about camping all over the internet. Visit the links below to find all you need to know about campsites, locations, clubs, equipment and more.

  • The Camping and Caravanning Club - Whether you are a seasoned camper, caravanner or new to taking your accommodation with you The Camping and Caravanning Club will help you to get more from your camping holidays. Developed by people who share a love of camping and caravanning in the great outdoors.
  • - Find the best campsites and camping grounds in England, Scotland, Wales and France. Campsite reviews, photos, facilities, equipment guides, plus much more
  • - Thousands of details of campsites and caravan sites, over 131,000 campsite reviews, for sale adverts, forums, weather forecast, camping articles and plus loads more

History of Camping

Thomas Hiram Holding is the father of recreational camping in the UK. His work The Campers Handbook was published in 1908 after extensive traveling across the American prairies and Ireland. His expedition across Ireland with friends lead to the formation of the first camping group, the Association of Cycle Campers in 1901 (now known as The Camping and Caravanning Club).

Types of camping

Camping takes many different forms, from survivalist campers who leave the comfort and warmth of their homes with little more than a pair of boots, to contemporary 'glampers' (glamorous campers) who prefer to experience nature in absolute comfort with luxury amenities like down sleeping bags and boutique, fully fitted yurts.

Backpacking is among the cheapest ways to camp, with campers walking from place to place with all of their necessary equipment on their backs. Backpackers tend to be younger campers who are not afraid to brave discomfort and take on a challenge.

Vehicle camping is very popular, with campers driving motorhomes, camper vans, or towing caravans to campsites in desirable locations, often with practical amenities such as showers and kitchens as well as social events and entertainment.

Bicycle camping is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of camping, whereby campers transport themselves and their equipment by bike. Other campers travel with horses, llamas or dogs which carry their equipment, and some travel by canoe, sailboat or motorcycle.

Camping Equipment

Having the correct equipment with you on your camping trip can keep you warm, dry, well fed and properly hydrated. Being properly prepared for your wilderness adventure also ensures that you know how to deal with any first aid requirements and allows you to enjoy the outdoors to its fullest.

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