Sleeping bags

It's important to choose the sleeping bag that's right for you and the conditions you will be sleeping in.

Find a bag that is ideally rated to perform at temperatures just slightly below the lowest temperature you are likely to encounter. If you are camping in very cold conditions, sleeping bags that are tapered into a mummy shape provide the most efficient insulation, however, standard rectangular bags offer more room to move about in.

Synthetic bags tend to be cheaper and are easy to clean, whereas down sleeping bags are often more durable, warmer and lighter weight. Down bags are also more expensive and more difficult to clean, as their insulating properties can be severely damaged if they become wet.

If you are using your sleeping bag regularly, consider using a sleeping bag liner as these are much easier to keep clean than the sleeping bags themselves.

You will find there are a wide variety of bag fillings and shell materials available; speak to your local specialist retailer to find out which will be most suitable for your purposes.