Camping mats

A sleeping bag can only perform as intended if the user is properly insulated from the ground. A good quality camping mat is essential for this and also provides a layer of comfort between the user and the often hard or uneven ground.

Closed cell foam

These are the classic variety of sleeping mat. Made from synthetic fabrics which act as a barrier against moisture, these cheap and light weight mats are available in a number of different widths and thicknesses to suit your budget, requirements, preference and load-carrying capabilities.


Inflatable airbeds can be ideal for caravan and motorhome use. They take up a relatively large amount of space and require a pumping device to inflate them, so are not recommended for use in-tent use. Another downside to the airbed is that they provide little-to-no insulation and take on the temperature of the ambient environment.


Self-inflating mats feature a valve which can be opened to draw in air. This air pressure can be topped up using your mouth. These are slightly heavier than closed cell foam mats, but can be more comfortable. More expensive inflatable mats generally offer more padding and are lighter. It will also be necessary to carry a puncture repair kit with this design, in case the worst should happen and you park yourself on rough ground which could puncture the mat.