Get riding

Horse riding has been a popular activity since horses were domesticated over 6000 years ago. Originally used for transport, trade, agriculture and war, horses have since been surpassed in all of these fields in terms of power, speed and efficiency. In the UK, horses are now trained and ridden for recreational activities, competitive sport and artistic/cultural expression.

Get riding is intended as introduction for all readers to the diverse range of equestrian sports. There is a wide variety of activities associated with horseback riding from racing to eventing and polo and even rodeo!


Getting Started:

  • Horse and Rider Magazine - The UK's favourite horsey website and best-selling equestrian monthly magazine with expert advice, stories, news, views and features about everything equestrian.
  • British Horse Society -  Working to improve standards of horse welfare, increase bridleway access, and educate riders while providing great membership benefits.
  • British Equestrian Federation - Information for horse riders, drivers and vaulters from beginner to professional