Equipment hire

The hire of snow sport equipment is becoming increasingly more popular and is widely available at most resorts

If you intend to be a regular on the slopes then buying your equipment could be a good investment. However if you are a first timer then renting may be the way to go as this gives you the freedom to try the sport out first before investing in what can sometimes be costly equipment.

It also saves you transporting your skis or board by train, plane or car and all you have to do is collect your equipment when you arrive at the venue. Hire equipment is specially prepared in advance of every rental to maintain it in peak condition.

Be sure to do your research and hire your equipment in plenty of time to ensure you'll get the right length/ fit etc.

Other than cost, hiring does advantages and disadvantages when compared to buying. We've outlined some of them below to help you make an informed decision about hiring or buying.

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  • Cost: Depending on how often you plan to rent the equipment you will probably save money by hiring rather than buying, particluarly with maintenance and transport costs. 
  • Ease: You may find it easier to not have to worry about lugging equipment to a resort and instead just pick it up when you arrive.
  • Choice: You won't be tied down to using the same equipment every time you ski or board, you can try out different equipment and find a style that suits you.


  • Safety: One of the biggest cause of accidents in snowsports is ill fitting equipment or clothing. If you are hiring equipment it won't have been tailored to your needs as much as your own purchased board or skis.
  • Comfort: We all feel better when we know wherethings have been. Some people have an issue in wearing clothes other people have worn, and the same with equipment.
It all depends on personal preference and whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. For a beginner, hiring equipment can give you a good introduction to the sport and give you an idea of what style of clothing and equipment suit you best, so when you come to buy your own you will have a better idea of what to choose.