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Encouraging walking, cycling and public transport in London

5 Dec 2018

The first ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone' (ULEZ) signs go up in London to encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport.
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Chancellor considering "Amazon tax" for online retailers

13 Aug 2018

Creating a more level playing field for bricks and mortar retailers

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Children will live longer thanks to 'Mini Holland' cycle areas

8 Aug 2018

Better air quality will extend life-expectancy, says research

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60% of parents lack knowledge to teach children outdoor skills

2 Aug 2018

Millennial parents struggle the most
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RideLondon data proves link between car-free days and clean air

2 Aug 2018

Levels of nitrogen fall during car-free event
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British Rider aged 5 takes home a respectable 6th Place in the Strider Cup World Championships.

25 Jul 2018

300 pint-sized riders from 15 different countries descend on Boulder Colorado, USA for the 8th annual Strider Cup World Championship.
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More than half of pensioners want to try extreme pursuits

30 May 2018

Pensions more likely to take up extreme sport

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Two fifths of UK children worried about air pollution

23 Apr 2018

Research released to mark start of the Big Pedal
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Government urged to stop prioritising car journeys over active travel

12 Apr 2018

In a letter sent to the UK's Transport Ministers

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Half of Europeans never do sport, reveals survey

Posted on in Cycles News, Outdoor News

46% of Europeans say that they "never play sports".

These worrying results come from the latest Eurobarometer on sport and physical activity, which follows three previous surveys conducted in 2002, 2009 and 2013.

The survey was carried out in the 28 EU Member States in December 2017 and 28,031 EU citizens from different social and demographic categories were interviewed.

woman runningPresented by Commissioner Tibor Navracsics at the annual EU Sport Forum, the survey seems to follow a trend that has been intensifying since 2009. Only six countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Malta, saw positive results from the survey.

In the UK the number of people who never do any sport is 37%, where 17% of people are a member of a health or fitness centre and just 13% say they exercise 'regularly'.

The EU-wide survey shows that most physical activity takes place in parks and outdoors (40 percent) or at home (32 percent). More than one in eight Europeans walk less than ten minutes a day or sit for more than eight and a half hours a day.

The main reasons EU citizens say they exercise are improved health (54 percent) and fitness (47 percent), whilst lack of time (40 percent) is the main obstacle preventing people from doing more.

The survey looked at frequency and levels of engagement in sport and other physical activity, for example the amount of time people spend doing vigorous and moderate physical activity, as well as walking and sitting down. It also took into consideration activities such as cycling, dancing or gardening.

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